Okay I'm trying to save this community from dead-ness. XD So I'm going to take requests again.

Nice quality images, please. If you comment with a bad quality image I'll tell you pick a new one. Oh and make sure to tell me if you want text on it.

Also, I'm going to be re-vamping the layout and userinfo. So if things look screwy, you know why. :D

27 Lee Jun Ki icons!

I've recently got into Jun Ki and I've totally fallen in love with him! He's a fantastic actor and his singing voice is amazing. So I thought I'd do a few icons of him. :3

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W0rd up members!

We have a new mod! 8D omg another one?! D: Yes!! Her name is ezukii! I'm sure you've heard of her. She mods her own icon community fantomu_icons :3 I'm sure she'll be posting her icons here soon so keep . :DD

Oh and I'll be making a layout soon soo yeah hopefully I'll get rid of these crappy colors on the layout soon.

[11] Icons // [3] Headers

2 雅-miyavi-
2 American Pie Band Camp
1 Battle Royale
7 D.Gray-Man
11 Dane Cook
1 Death Note
1 Devil May Cry
1 Dir en grey
8 Dollfie
8 Elfen Lied
7 Final Fantasy IX
3 Final Fantasy X-2
3 Final Fantasy XIII (??)
35 Gackt (o__o)
2 Jin Akanishi
1 Kajinaga Daishi
2 Kingdom Hearts II
2 Nobuta wo produce
2 Reina Tanaka
2 Stock
7 W (Dou U&U)
16 Zelda

2 D.Gray-Man
1 Gackt (MALICE MIZER days)
1 Ruki from the GazettE

Wow o_____o That's a lot of icons lol. I've kinda started to work a little more with Photoshop so some of these might be kinda scetchy. x.x Sorry~


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★ Comments are much appreciated!!
★ Please remember to credit albionete
★ Textless icons are NOT bases! But if you want text please TELL ME first
★ Headers are customizable but you must tell me first and credit in your USERINFO


Hello and welcome to PANiC Teacup!!

The mods of this graphic community are: albionete and pocky_in_a_box. This community is open to new members unless specified as otherwise and not members only! If you have an icon journal/community that you would life to affliate with, please comment here!

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Affiliate pimping~

I don't know where I saw this but I wanted to do it. I'm going to promote my affiliates by posting a few icons of their's here. By doing this I hope I can get more people to their icon journal/communities! ^^

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#10 Icons #2 Headers

I have to change the layout for this place... >.>
Also, I'm going to be working on the userinfo because it has broken links in it. XD; I'm trying to organize the community a little bit. ^^

10 AnCafe
5 Dragonball Z
1 Dir en grey (Kyo)
3 Final Fantasy (FFIX & FFX-2)
3 Gackt Camui
3 Elegant Gothic Lolita
3 Kingdom Hearts
1 LM.C
4 the GazettE (Ruki)
7 W Dou U&U

1 Gackt
1 W Dou U&U


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